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Discover the secrets of the Titanic, and experience the magical atmosphere of the early 20th century!

This unique exhibition showcases several hundred original art pieces from the famous shipwreck. At the individual exhibition areas visitors can see – among other things – the technical equipment of the ship, pieces of furniture, and some personal belongings of passengers, such as clothes, jewellery, and wallets.

The round-the-world Titanic exhibition is presented by the company RMS Titanic, which has the exclusive rights to collect the artefacts from the Titanic wreck. In Hungary the exhibition is organized by JVS Group Magyarország.

The exhibition has a unique Hungarian section where local historical events of the era are recalled, and the Hungarian aspects of the world famous Titanic are also presented. Titanic was the largest transatlantic liner of the era, the most monumental achievement of the technological revolution. It carried passengers and postal materials between Europe and North America. Large transatlantic ships symbolized the great development of the early 20th century and the start of a new technological era.

For Visitors

Admission fees


3 400 Ft
Child (6 - 14years)
2 200 Ft
Student / Senior
2 700 Ft *
Family ticket (2 adults + max 3 children)
8 800 Ft
Disabled (disability card)
1 900 Ft **
Child and Student Group
1 900 Ft***
Adult group
3 200 Ft ***


3 900 Ft ***
Child (6 - 14 years)
2 700 Ft
Student / Senior
3 400 Ft *
Family ticket (2 adults + max 3 children)
9 900 Ft
Disabled (disability card)
2 400 Ft **
Child and Student Group
2 400 Ft ***
Adult group
3 500 Ft ***

Group registration: +36 70 365 6703, csoport@jvsgroup.hu (Available: Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00)

With a 10-person group, 1 accompanying person can enter for free.

At weekends we can only take groups based on individual consideration.

Free audio guides are included in the ticket price.

* Upon presentation of valid student or pensioner card. 
** Upon presentation of valid disabled card. Accompanying people of wheel chaired guests enter for free.
*** Group rates only apply over 10 persons with a valid reservation and reservation confirmation at least two days prior to the visit.  After every 10 group tickets, one accompanying ticket is provided for free.  Child and student group reservations over the weekend are bound to special permissions by the organisers.

We accept SZÉP Cards and Erzsébet vouchers.

szepkartya erzsebet

Opening hours


09:00 – 20:00
every day

Ticket office

08:30 – 18:30


Tickets available at the ticket sales point and online




The world-famous Titanic exhibition has arrived to Hungary!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy tickets for the exhibition on the spot? >

    Yes, of course. The ticket office is open every day between 08:30 and 18:30.

  • What do the timelines on the ticket mean? >

    Both advanced bookings and tickets at the ticket office can be purchased for either a 30- or a 60-minute timeline. These timelines always mean the actual entrance time interval. After entry, visitors can spend unlimited time at the exhibition. This is the only way organizers can  ensure that visitors can enter continuously, without lengthy waiting times.

  • Does one have to queue before entry? >

    The number of visitors that can be granted entry is limited for each timeline, thus ensuring that  the exhibition can be  enjoyed in a comfortable, uncrowded way. The waiting time depends on the number of people who have purchased tickets for the given day.
    Waiting can largely be avoided if you buy tickets for a less busy timeline,  such as the morning and evening hours, between 6pm and 7pm on weekdays.

  • Where is the exhibition? >

    Address: 26 Király Street, Budapest 1061
    It is located in the inner city of Budapest, close to Erzsébet Square, Deák Ferenc Square, Andrássy Avenue and the Opera.

  • Can I park nearby? >

    You can park in the neighbouring streets, parking lots and parking houses.
    District 6 is a parking meter zone until 8pm.

    Car Parks:
    Holló Street 6
    Király Street 8
    Székely Mihály Street 3
    Zichy Jenő Street 9

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26 Király Street, Budapest 1061 Komplex

The location can be accessed via metro lines M1, M2 and M3; via tram line 47 or tram line 49 from Deák Square; or via trolley buses no. 70 and 78 from Akácfa Street. 26 Király Street is located in the vicinity of: metro line M2 - Deák Square, metro line M3 - Deák Square, metro line M2 - Deák Square, tram no. 49 - Deák Square, tram no. 47 - Deák Square, trolley bus no. 70 - Akácfa Street, trolley bus no. 78 - Akácfa Street.

Ticket sales infos:

eventim+36 30 505 0666 (M-F 09:00 – 17:00)

ticketportal +36-30-533-99-33 (M-F 10:00 – 18:00)

Visitors enquiries


Zulinger Gizella


Oláh Zsuzsanna